Hard Landings -- Introduction
Hard Landings is a short documentary on three things no one ever talks about: anxiety, depression, and Scottish highland dancing. This first-person perspective on mental illness and the stigma surrounding antidepressants is scheduled to be released publicly later this year. 

Aquila -- Watchtower of Siena
This sequence emulates the "watchtower" style used in Watchtower of Turkey, a video by Leonardo Dalessandri. However, instead of filming throughout all of Turkey, this project focuses on a small contrada (neighborhood) in Siena, Italy and was filmed in just a few hours.

15 Days in Italy
I went to Italy and it was fun. Especially the intermission.

Built By Life
Although I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to interview this interesting person myself, Built By Life is my own personal cut of his interview. 

Legs for Days
After listening to this song on repeat for hours during the editing process, I can honestly say I never want to hear it again. Sorry Side Saddle.

Editing Dramatic Irony in "The Conversation"
This one is pretty self-explanatory.